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Information for Families During the Infant Formula Shortage

Families across the nation are feeling the impact of the infant formula shortage. The purpose of this site is to provide the latest information about the shortage and connect California families in need of formula to helpful resources. 

Parents and caregivers who have a hard time finding formula should:

  • Call their healthcare provider to see if they have in-office samples or can suggest a similar formula.
  • NOT dilute formula, NOT make homemade formula, and NOT provide toddler formula.
  • Reach out to their local WIC office if they are current WIC participants or are eligible for WIC.
  • Try another brand of formula, if available. Babies usually tolerate alternative products except in the case of special therapeutic formula. For babies on therapeutic formula, consult with a healthcare provider first to get help or to discuss alternatives.

How can I support families impacted by the shortage?

Successful support and communications around the infant formula shortages should affirm parent’s concern about formula shortages and necessitate an approach that is individualized, respectful, and sensitive to the needs of both non-breastfeeding and partially breastfeeding families.


A Call for Change

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Here are some resources to help support important conversations with children during times of school tragedies: 

Health & Nutrition

What to Know About the Infant Formula Shortage

The recent recall of certain 2022 Abbott powdered formulas, along with the impacts of the ongoing pandemic, has led to periodic shortages of major brands of infant formula. The infant formula supply chain problems have affected all consumers, including California families receiving formula through the Women Infants and Child (WIC) program. 

The Community Care Licensing Division, Child Care Program would like to expand awareness regarding the shortage and provide the following resources to help safely navigate the situation. Please visit the following links from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) websites and share this information with other providers, families, and with anyone you think may benefit from this information: 

Parents or caregivers, who are having difficulty obtaining infant formula for their child at home, should reach out to their child’s pediatrician about safe and appropriate feeding alternatives. 

To learn more about what measures are being taken to address the shortage please visit: 

For any additional inquiries about this email please refer to your local regional office.