bridge librarY PrograM

FIRST 5 partners with the San Jose Public Library to operate Bridge Library locations throughout San Jose – allowing your family to access books and library services right in your community.

Where can I find a bridge library?

You can find bridge libraries at the following locations:

African American Community Services Agency Bridge Library
304 N. 6th Street, San José, CA 95112

Captain Jason Dahl Bridge Library
3200 Water Street, Building P-5, San José, CA 95111

Cesar Chavez Bridge Library
2000 Kammerer Avenue, Room 20, San José, CA 95116

Cureton Bridge Library
3720 E. Hills Drive, Room 1 & 2, San José, CA 95127

Educare Bridge Library
1399 Santee Dr, San José, CA 95122

Evergreen Bridge Library
2025 Clarice Drive, Room B6, San José, CA 95121

George Shirakawa Bridge Library
645 Wool Creek Drive P1 & P2, San José, CA 95112

Hubbard Bridge Library
1680 Foley Avenue, San José, CA 95122

ICAN Bridge Library
2072 Lucretia Avenue, San José, CA 95112

Roots Community Health Center Bridge Library
1898 The Alameda, San José, CA 95126