Early Learning

Literacy Begins at Birth

Learning to read and write does not start in Kindergarten or first grade! Developing these skills begins at birth through sharing books, telling stories, singing songs, and talking to one another. The best part is that these interactions are great opportunities for you to share sweet moments with your little ones. 

Reading to Your Child

When you read books to your children, point to pictures, and celebrate the excitement of reading, you are helping your child grow an interest in books. Hearing and watching you read the pages helps them to see that words have meaning. Reading to your child may also allow for him or her to read well earlier on in development. 

Speaking to Your Child

Talking frequently to your children helps their language and communication development. When you speak, you use a wide range of words and tones. Together, these words and tones help improve your child’s understanding of language. The more words children hear and come to understand over time, the more words they learn.  Early experiences matter! All these moments shared with your children encourage them to be confident and motivated learners.

Source: Zero to Three