Early Learning

Preparing for Kindergarten

Making the most of early learning moments can help your child have a strong start in Kindergarten. Babies are born curious, so sharing moments with them through speaking, reading, and playing, helps them to explore and learn as they grow.

There are three main areas that help your child be ready for school.

  1. Language and literacy skills: Using gestures, sounds, and words to share thoughts and feelings are all great signs that your child is starting to gain language skills. Sharing books and stories, letting your little one hold the books and turn the pages, and speaking to your child are all good ways of helping your child gain literacy skills and prepare for kindergarten.
  2. Thinking Skills: Thinking skills grow in complexity as children explore and play. Concepts such as cause and effect can be learned in very simple ways, such as “if I push a block, it will fall down.” Children can also notice patterns and develop logical thinking through play, like sorting blocks or separating apples from oranges. Everyday moments are great opportunities to learn! 
  3. Social-Emotional Skills: Self-control is very important, since it allows your child to thrive in kindergarten by cooperating with others, understanding direction, and resolving conflicts. These skills can be learned through interactions with peers and by following your example! Confidence is also important for your child to feel ready for school. Pointing out skills and abilities and providing encouragement during difficult tasks are both good ways to boost your child’s confidence. 

You are your child’s first and most important teacher.

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Source: Zero to Three